I wanted to make something that is macro orientated while also taking advantage of the of the fact that the voidray is an incredible scout denial. This is out of the meta so completely blindsides most Zergs. +1 Nukes Lings/drones and with six gates you can keep up unit production and harassment, when the third is no longer at threat you can use voidray for harass to promote queens and Hydra's less effective defense than Roaches. I have won so many games with ease. Probe and Adept are there to scout out if you're going to get hit by an all in then you adjust to what you need to defend instead.

You start storm as soon as you can afford it between warp ins and getting gas as you be aggressive means that you have powerful follow ups double robo or three stargate with storm to respond to what your opponent is building.

Chrono's Nexus - After first pylon Adept - As soon as gateway finishes Nexus - Right after Adept Nexus - As soon as Nat finishes building Voidray - At 3:10 Charge - Makes charge hit sooner Next four chrono's are all on +1 so you can hit it by 6:08 when you hit with about 12 Zealots

Replay - Macro - Chargelot, +1 Timing attack

Build Order

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  12  0:00  Probe  
  13  0:12  Probe  
  14  0:17  Pylon  
  14  0:24  Probe (Chrono Boost)  
  15  0:36  Probe (Chrono Boost)  
  15  0:37  Gateway  
  16  0:44  Probe (Chrono Boost)  
  16  0:46  Assimilator  
  17  0:51  Probe  
  18  1:03  Probe  
  19  1:15  Probe  
  20  1:23  Nexus  
  20  1:34  Cybernetics Core  
  20  1:37  Probe  
  21  1:46  Assimilator  
  21  1:49  Probe  
  21  1:53  Pylon  
  23  2:08  Adept (Chrono Boost)  
  26  2:18  Stargate  
  26  2:24  Warp Gate  
  27  2:31  Adept  
  33  2:54  Void Ray (Chrono Boost)  
  41  3:15  Twilight Council  
  42  3:22  Gateway  
  42  3:25  Pylon  
  45  3:43  Adept  
  48  3:51  Charge (Chrono Boost), Nexus  
  51  4:03  Forge  
  52  4:11  Pylon  
  53  4:18  Gateway  
  54  4:24  Gateway  
  54  4:26  Protoss Ground Weapons Level 1 (Chrono Boost)  
  54  4:30  Pylon  
  56  4:42  Shield Battery, Gateway  
  58  4:57  Gateway  
  59  5:02  Zealot x2, Templar Archives  
  66  5:13  Zealot  
  71  5:24  Zealot x3  
  80  5:36  Zealot  
  80  5:41  Zealot x2  
  86  5:48  Zealot  
  93  5:58  Assimilator x2  
  96  6:13  Assimilator x2  
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


You can delay adding your first two gates to do a zealot warp in at third, and to get shield battery at third if you are being hit by lings. You build three adepts two to defend third one to hold wall. (You can instead to choose to have the third unit to be a Zealot to hold wall since you are going for charge)

If you are against Muta tech build two more stargates and pump out Phoenix, chrono +1 air weapons (Ground weapons might not be as important at this point can also get shields for Pheonix survivability) Keep using Zealots to keep Zerg home and at threat of counter attack. Void is really good at sniping an overlord or two, adding dps against roaches (Focus roaches on engagements) and extra harassment early in the game after holding the third/sniping drones and sniping drones or stopping creep.

Multi tasking while staying on the building production makes it way harder to scout it out.

You can bring the adepts with your first attack to as a shade to one of the mineral lines, splitting up Zealots can be really strong for getting extra damage. You should be building Tech units/Structures/Upgrades in response to what your first attack scouts and as gas permits. You can get a quick fourth at about 7mins or focus on tech.

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  • Created by: Apocalypse
  • Published on: Dec 13, 2020
  • Modified on: Dec 13, 2020
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Easy
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