New 2/1/1 build order for 2020, adapted from ByuN's stream.

This build opens with an SCV scout into Reaper FE. We then go up to our 2/1/1 setup with the goal of hitting a 16 Marine attack at the great timing of 5:03. (5:03 because that is when your main Orbital Command will gather another 50 energy).

Behind it, we will obtain our third CC at an early time of 4:30. This is the most economical we can get it while still getting our drop out in time. Afterwards, we go into 3 bases with a 5/1/1 setup plus double Engineering Bay into the midgame. We aim to build Widow Mine only out of the Factory for the powerful 4M setup.

To supplement our initial pressure, we add a third Medivac with 1 Widow Mine and 6 Marines, with a fast Combat Shield that finishes up at 6:00. This followup is especially good against 2 base Muta openings, which is one of the most attractive features of the build.

Replay - Pfoe 211

Build Order

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  12  0:00  SCV  
  13  0:12  SCV  
  14  0:16  Supply Depot  
  14  0:24  SCV  
  15  0:38  SCV  
  15  0:40  Barracks  
  15  0:42  Refinery  
  16  0:50  SCV  
  17  1:02  SCV  
  18  1:14  SCV  
  19  1:27  Orbital Command, Reaper  
  20  1:37  Command Center  
  20  1:49  Barracks  
  20  1:53  SCV  
  21  1:59  Barracks Reactor  
  21  2:05  SCV  
  21  2:07  Supply Depot  Rally SCV for Supply Depot
  22  2:17  SCV  
  22  2:18  Refinery  Rally SCV for Refinery; build earlier if skipping SCV scout
  23  2:27  Factory  
  24  2:35  Marine x2  
  26  2:39  Barracks Tech Lab  
  27  2:48  Orbital Command  
  27  2:55  Marine x2  
  30  2:59  Stimpack  Do not make Marine yet with this Barracks.
  31  3:15  Marine x3  
  36  3:21  Starport  
  36  3:23  Factory Reactor  
  37  3:33  Supply Depot  
  38  3:36  Marine x3  
  42  3:45  Supply Depot  
  49  4:03  Medivac x2  4:02 is possible with an SCV scout. 3:59 is possible with skipped SCV scout.
  53  4:15  Supply Depot  
  59  4:29  Command Center  Halt all Marine production after 16 Marines to afford third CC.
  61  4:41  Combat Shield  @100% Stimpack
  65  4:47  Medivac  
  69  5:00  Widow Mine  
  75  5:07  Engineering Bay x2  
  77  5:15  Refinery x2  
  77  5:21  Factory Reactor  
  79  5:29  Barracks  
  79  5:33  Terran Infantry Weapons Level 1  
  79  5:34  Terran Infantry Armor Level 1  
  82  5:38  Starport Reactor  
  82  5:43  Orbital Command  
  82  5:48  Barracks x2  
  86  6:02  Widow Mine x2  
  91  6:04  Orbital Command  
  93  6:15  Medivac x2, Armory  
  106  6:39  Barracks Reactor x2  
  116  6:56  Medivac x2  
  122  7:03  Widow Mine x2  
  122  7:07  Factory  
  128  7:11  Refinery  
  140  7:29  Widow Mine  
  147  7:41  Marauder  
  147  7:43  Widow Mine  
  154  7:47  Medivac x2  
  158  7:51  Factory Tech Lab  
  158  7:53  Widow Mine  
  162  8:02  Marauder  
  170  8:06  Widow Mine  
  174  8:12  Widow Mine  
  174  8:16  Command Center  
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-This build order includes an SCV scout, but it is optional. It will be slightly easier to afford things if you skip the scout.

-When the second Barracks is finished with the Tech Lab, research Stim but skip the Marine. We will start producing Marines on this Barracks after we obtained 4. This progression on 2 Barracks will get us to 16 as follows: 2 -> 4 -> 7 -> 10 -> 13 -> 16.

-The benchmark for our Medivac production shall be 4:03. We should have 16 Marines finished with Medivacs spawning at 4:33, which should get us to the other side of the map before 5:00. Note that if you skip the SCV scout, you can build the second Refinery a little bit earlier which will allow for the Medivacs to start as early as 3:59.

-Note the timing of the third and fourth Supply Depots in the replay. Building Supply Depots at the wrong time will delay the build.

-After obtaining the third CC, we aim to reinforce our pressure with a third Medivac containing 6 Marines and 1 Widow Mine. Don't rush this one or you will get supply blocked. After the third CC, build in the following order: Supply Depot -> 3 Marines -> Combat Shield -> Medivac -> Widow Mine -> 3 Marines I believe this is the best order because you will have Combat Shield finishing at a very fast timing, which is hard for Zerg to deal with.

-The 5:00 to 6:00 mark is a very difficult period for this build. You must deal pressure to the Zerg with your 16 Marines while building your base at home. When money allows, aim to have the following done by 6:00 in this order: 2 Engineering Bays -> 2 Refineries -> Third Barracks on Starport Reactor -> +1/+1 Upgrades -> Third Orbital Command -> 4th and 5th Barracks. For the 4th and 5th Barracks, you may temporarily cut SCVs to afford them quicker.

-Get a Reactor on the Factory after the first Widow Mine is complete, unless you spot Roaches on the map, in which case you should get a Tech Lab for Siege Tanks.

-After the third base is set up, we transition into the standard TvZ gameplay. Hopefully you did enough damage!!!

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  • Created by: Pfoe
  • Published on: Oct 21, 2020
  • Modified on: Oct 21, 2020
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Hard
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Comments (7)

On Jan. 8, 2021, 7:18 a.m., iTerrran  said:

I am not the one who wrote down this build but standard tvz would be 8 rax, 2 factory, starport into lategame terran(whatever you prefere and is best for your situation). Standard is mmm with mines or tanks depending on what zerg builds. Now I am jsut d2 d1 terran so dont trust me 100%.

On Dec. 27, 2020, 5:43 a.m., zhillyz  said:

You mention transitioning into "standard" TvZ but I am fairly new to the game, could you link a build strategy that you mean for this statement? Thanks for the build order :)

On Dec. 14, 2020, 12:11 p.m., VLBruh  said:

Bro, big thanks for reply.
I watched it over 10 times. I try to split as much as i can. But these 2 seconds in start - ends up in my medivacs being ready to go 4:43-45 at best. :( tried to find u in discord on toptierpractice, failed:/

On Dec. 14, 2020, 12:07 p.m., Pfoe  said:

You know, that largely has to do with the quality of your worker split and worker pairing in the first few seconds of the game. There is a replay here so you can download it and watch. Anyway, not the biggest deal to be 2 seconds late.

On Dec. 14, 2020, 10:17 a.m., VLBruh  said:

I've spent several hours, trying to repeat this build. Even my refinery and nat expo are 2-3 seconds late, I got no clue how this guy does it :/

On Nov. 12, 2020, 8:42 p.m., Pfoe  said:

Depends on how well the opponent is playing. 4:30 is not that late of a third CC, it's on par with many Heloion builds. If you don't deal damage but your macro is on point, you can transition to midgame pretty well. It only gets bad if you fail to deal damage AND you have failed to macro between 5:00 and 6:00 AND the Zerg player has gotten away with a fairly optimal opener (50 Drones and 7-9 Queens).

On Nov. 9, 2020, 8:18 p.m., DisReSpeCTsc2  said:

How much damage do you generally feel you need to do to justify the delayed 3rd? I feel like for players other than ByuN 2/1/1 of any sort is basically never worth the cost.

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