tldr: reaper FE into 1 hellion into 1 cyclone 1 raven into 3/1/1 into 5/1/1, 2 base MMM + tank all-in

This is a good, solid TvP build for Platinum and Diamond players looking to learn how to play Terran Bio. Recommended for players that are race switching or only have a limited repertoire of openings, such as ViBE's B2GM Mech build.

This build plays similarly to builds we see in pro play. It opens with a Barracks first Reaper FE into 1/1/1 with an SCV scout at 18 supply. A Hellion is added for scouting, then we transition into Cyclone and Raven before adding Barracks for a 3/1/1 setup. The next stage involves building Siege Tanks while researching Stimpack, Combat Shield, and +1 Attack, preparing for a big Bio Tank push with two Medivacs.

After getting to the 3/1/1 setup, we finish saturating our two bases with up to 46 SCVs (Note: with good macro, this number is reachable by 5:30). After that point, we stop building workers and we have two choices in transition. We can either take a third CC or add two extra Barracks and go all-in with 5/1/1. I would recommend for newer players to use the 5/1/1 variation at first. This will allow you to practice Marine Tank engagements and have games that end more quickly, so you can pra tice more.

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Replay - Pfoe TvP

Build Order

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  12  0:00  SCV  
  13  0:12  SCV  
  14  0:16  Supply Depot  
  14  0:24  SCV  
  15  0:38  SCV  
  15  0:39  Barracks  
  16  0:43  Refinery  
  16  0:50  SCV  
  17  1:02  SCV  
  18  1:14  SCV  
  19  1:26  Reaper, Orbital Command  
  20  1:39  Command Center  
  20  1:51  Supply Depot  
  20  1:52  SCV  
  21  1:58  Marine  
  22  2:04  SCV  
  22  2:07  Factory  
  23  2:16  Bunker, SCV  
  23  2:19  Barracks Reactor  
  24  2:23  Refinery  
  26  2:51  Orbital Command  
  26  2:53  Hellion  
  26  2:57  Marine x2  
  31  2:58  Starport  
  32  3:14  Marine x2  
  32  3:17  Factory Tech Lab  
  36  3:23  Supply Depot  
  38  3:35  Cyclone, Starport Tech Lab, Marine x2  
  45  3:42  Supply Depot  
  45  3:45  Refinery  
  45  3:54  Marine x2  
  49  3:57  Raven  
  51  4:04  Supply Depot  
  53  4:13  Barracks  
  53  4:18  Factory Tech Lab  
  53  4:19  Barracks  
  55  4:24  Engineering Bay  
  55  4:28  Marine  
  59  4:36  Siege Tank  
  64  4:48  Refinery  
  64  4:50  Terran Infantry Weapons Level 1  
  68  5:02  Stimpack  
  70  5:08  Starport Reactor  
  70  5:09  Siege Tank  
  76  5:24  Marauder x2  
  76  5:25  Combat Shield  
  81  5:37  Barracks x2  
  81  5:41  Siege Tank  
  86  5:52  Medivac x2  
  86  5:55  Marauder x2  
  96  6:18  Marauder x2  
  102  6:29  Medivac x2  
  112  6:40  Marauder  
  112  6:47  Marauder, Siege Tank  
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-SCV scout at 18 supply. If you do not see a natural Nexus by the time your SCV arrives, do not continue with this build. Instead, build your CC on the high ground and prepare for a cheese defense against a one base Protoss. (Anti-cheese guide not included here)

-In 2020, many Protoss players will open with a Core before Nexus, meaning they might rush an Adept across the map quickly. To counter this, Terran players have been building a Bunker at their natural before the second Refinery. This is what I recommend so that your Bunker will be complete by the time the first Adept arrives at your base. Try to still build the second Refinery without delay, at 24 supply.

-Use your Reaper to try to scout the Protoss tech tree (Twilight Council, Robotics Facility, or Stargate). If unsuccessful, you still have a Hellion that can do a follow-up scout. To keep this simple, the build order won't change depending on the scout. However, you can change how you position your units depending on what you see so you can defend better. In particular, against Phoenix play you should send the Raven out on the map, hiding from them.

-For the build, we aim to have 3 Siege Tanks and 2 Medivacs along with the rest of our forces at the opponent's base by 7:00. I recommend to build a Reactor on your Starport shortly after your second Siege Tanks start - this should allow your third Siege Tank and two Medivacs to spawn at around the same time.

-Send your army out shortly before your 2 Medivacs spawn. Use your 2 Medivacs to carry one last round of units (2 Marauders, 2 Marines, 1 Siege Tank) and boost across the map to meet the rest of your forces. See replay for demonstration.

-Immediately after your first two Medivacs, build two more Medivacs. Rally your units at your base, then when the two Medivacs are ready, use them to boost these units so you can reinforce quickly. You can use these Medivacs to supplement your main push or to harass elsewhere. See replay for demonstration.

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  • Created by: Pfoe
  • Published on: Oct 14, 2020
  • Modified on: Oct 14, 2020
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Medium
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