From “ViBE – Coaching Platinum Breaking down the B2GM Terran Style”, 41:50 onwards

Special thanks to Jash for making this opportunity happen.

Also, shout out to ViBE. If his B2GM series has helped you, definitely throw the guy some love at

This build contains an SCV scout and no bio. It is defensive until maxed.

Of course, adjust depending on what you scout. You will have adequate Siege Tanks/Hellions to repel any early ground aggression. If you scout air, you can easily switch Tank production into Cyclones. You will also have a reasonably timed Engineering Bay to get adequate turrets built.

ViBE was distracted by coaching, so there is definitely room to beat the below timestamps. When learning this build, aim to memorise the prompts (when this finishes, do this. @ this much gas, do that). It's all about efficiency, baby.


Build Order

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  13  0:00  Action x2  Rally SCV to main ramp, Stack x2 workers per close mineral patch
  14  0:19  Supply Depot  @100 minerals
  16  0:43  Barracks  @100% Supply Depot
  16  0:45  Refinery  Immediately after starting Barracks
  18  1:09  Action  @100% Gas, saturate immediately
  19  1:42  Action, Orbital Command  @100% Barracks, send SCV to scout
  19  1:43  Command Center  2nd
  20  1:50  Factory  @100 gas
  20  2:00  Barracks Tech Lab  Lift and land if wall needs adjustment
  20  2:02  Supply Depot  Finish wall @ main ramp
  21  2:11  Refinery  2nd Gas, saturate @ 100%
  22  2:36  Action  @100% Factory & Tech Lab, swap Factory onto Tech Lab
  22  2:41  Siege Tank  Aim for 4-6 Siege Tanks
  27  2:59  Orbital Command  Natural CC. Always prioritise over 2nd Factory
  27  3:00  Supply Depot  Place at natural's wall spot
  27  3:01  Factory  @100 gas
  28  3:12  Barracks Reactor  
  29  3:23  Action  Mule dump when 2nd Orbital is done
  30  3:26  Supply Depot  
  30  3:31  Siege Tank  
  36  3:51  Supply Depot  
  36  3:53  Action  @100% Factory & Reactor, swap Factory onto Reactor
  38  3:59  Engineering Bay  
  38  4:04  Siege Tank  
  41  4:07  Hellion x2  
  47  4:20  Command Center  3rd. Build @ natural wall to complete it sooner
  48  4:26  Missile Turret x2  @100% EBay, x1 in main and x1 in natural. You can place the natural turret next to the CC to also cover the wall (i.e. vs Protoss for DTs)
  49  4:32  Hellion x2  
  54  4:42  Siege Tank  4th
  58  4:46  Armory  @100% start Thor production
  60  4:57  Hellion x2  
  66  5:11  Supply Depot  Just chuck it anywhere
  66  5:13  Siege Tank  5th tank is because we don't want the Factory to be idle, but the Armoury isn't finished yet
  76  5:28  Action  Calldown: Supply Drop because naughty Vibu got supply blocked
  76  5:32  Refinery x2  Armoury should be 100% and natural should be fully saturated
  76  5:40  Orbital Command  @100% 3rd CC
  82  5:56  Thor  
  90  5:58  Action  Turn Hellions into Hellbats
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Steps to take after the build:

  • Take 3rd base, build 4th CC in wall.
  • Unsiege tanks, move forces between natural and 3rd. Re-siege tanks across 3rd and natural.
  • Take x2 Gas @ 3rd base.
  • Build x3 Factories. Tech Lab x2, Reactor x1.
  • Transfer excess SCV to 3rd. Mule dump if forgotten.
  • 2nd Armoury. Get those upgrades.

131 7:51 Take 4th base, make Planetary Fortress.

  • Build 5th CC in wall.

200 9:09 Get Blue Flame/Smart Servos if you haven’t already. Get killing, Krombopulos Michael.


*Jash @ 6:00 *– 62 Supply, 47 SCVs. 5 Tanks. 3rd CC finished.

*ViBE @ 6:00 *– 91 Supply, 47 SCVs. 5 Tanks, 8 Hellbats. 3rd OC finished. 2 Turrets. Thor in production.

On the topic of building multiple Command Centres (@57:28):

Aim to keep only one building at a time until you have >12 Factories and your half of the map is covered by Planetary Fortresses. Only build multiple Command Centres after this to turn into Orbital Commands.

The reason is that these Orbitals are useless if you cannot re-max easily. The mule dump is more useful later than sooner – you need your production running first.

On the topic of SCV totals and production (@58:40):

Pros will aim for 66-70 because this is three base saturation. ViBE teaches us to make 80-85 because it lets us afford a fast re-max.

ViBE is teaching us to over-make production. 20 Factories at Grandmaster is absurd.

High level play has players who are able to maximise harassment and the accompanying attrition of units. It’s always about constantly whittling down your opponent. Their production has 100% uptime while doing this.

Lower level players (Bronze to Diamond) cannot utilise production while they are multi-tasking (i.e. harassing). So he encourages greater production to allow the fast re-max.

Your game style *WILL *change as you transition from those lower levels to the higher levels. It’s all about efficiency.

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  • Created by: Spazzola
  • Published on: Sep 14, 2020
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Easy
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