Trick the Zerg to think you are doing a normal 2-base timing. This is a rushed 1-1-1 Drop that contains 14 marines & 2 SCVs. With good execution, sending the drop at 4:00 is possible. Follow the SCV timings closely because this build is pretty tight economically (notice the 12 POP supply depot and only 6 SCVs are produced by 4:00).

The 2 SCVs in the drop allow you to manipulate the Zerg's aggro on your units and it allows you to make a bunker or two to prevent surface area on your marines if you desire.


This build won't work if your IQ is below 146, so it probably won't work if you are smooth brained (like a Protoss player). So it's not my fault if it doesn't work.


Replay - StarLing v Walter - Ever Dream LE

Build Order

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  12  0:08  Supply Depot  
  12  0:13  SCV  
  13  0:31  Barracks  
  13  0:34  Refinery  
  13  0:40  SCV x3  
  16  1:17  Barracks Reactor  
  16  1:18  Orbital Command  
  16  1:41  Command Center  
  16  1:53  Marine x2   ----- Produce marines nonstop
  18  2:00  Factory  
  18  2:03  SCV  
  21  2:16  Supply Depot  
  23  2:35  Refinery  
  23  2:47  Starport  
  23  2:50  Factory Reactor  
  25  3:04  SCV  
  34  3:30  Medivac x2  
  36  3:40  Marine x2   ----- Last 2 marines for drop
  36  4:00  Factory Tech Lab   ----- Send Drop w/ 14 marines & 2 SCVs
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf


_While sending and boosting the drop:_ Queue a liberator (harass mineral lines and Queens), start walling off natural with a 1 Eng. Bay., Swap the factory and barracks for Stim and 2 Widow Mines (burrow defensively). Queue a Viking (for overlords). Follow up as you wish from here.

If you choose to go for Bio-Tank: Get another factory tech lab for tanks and build the 2nd barracks on the reactor. OR don't move the factory at all and just make a bunch of lame widow mines like a loser.

Where you drop depends on the map. Find little nooks and crannies to protect against lings and drone pulls. Mineral lines, ramps, Zerg buildings and a bunker or two are great for this. This drop hits hard and fast before most oblivious Zergs get a sizable queen & speedling count. BUT If the Zerg has a big group of queens expecting the drop, back up and find another way to disrupt the position of the Zerg in some fashion.

A pivotal point to make about this build is to keep the Zerg thinking you are doing a normal 2-base opener because it is not.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A big weakness of this build are all ins from Zerg. Chances are, A bane bust or roach ravager timing will kill you. If you are able to base trade with the Medivac drop, do it. Losing marines defending isn't great because Marine-Medivac's big strength is mobility.

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  • Created by: Figwumberton  
  • Published on: Jun 01, 2020
  • Modified on: Jun 08, 2020
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Hard
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