The Year is 2020 and Mutalisk Play is starting to be respected again. I am here to bring you the goodest of good 2 Base Mutalisk Guide.

I am a ~6000 MMR Grandmaster Zerg on the EU Server and very inventive with my builds. The following is my Version of the 2 Base Mutalisk Opener.

The Goal of the Build is to safely get out Mutalisks on 2 Bases while taking a 3rd and slowing down our Opponents economy.

General BO:

  • Hatch Gas Pool (standard Opener)
  • @Pool 2 Queens + 2-4 Lings for scouting
  • @100 Gas Ling Speed (keep drones in gas)
  • @2 Queens build 2 more (total of 4)
  • @50 Gas build a Bane Nest
  • @100 Gas build a Lair then 2-4 defensive Banes
  • If you feel your being attacked build Spines + Evo liberally
  • @3:30 2 more gas
  • @Lair Spire + 4th Gas
  • @44 Drones (16 per mineral line + 3 per gas) build a 3rd and start flooding lings. Be very aggressive with your lings. If not already done build a Evo Chamber now and get + melee asap. Keep Spamming Lings until your spire is done!! Pressure your opponent with Ling Bane
  • @spire start building mutas


Replay - Aicy v RemZero - Simulacrum LE

Build Order

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  12  0:00  Drone  
  13  0:13  Overlord  
  13  0:17  Drone  
  14  0:31  Drone x3  
  17  0:52  Hatchery  
  17  0:55  Drone x2  
  18  1:09  Extractor  
  17  1:14  Spawning Pool  
  17  1:17  Drone x2  
  18  1:29  Drone  
  21  2:03  Queen x2  
  27  2:08  Zergling x2  
  27  2:11  Metabolic Boost  
  27  2:12  Overlord  
  28  2:36  Baneling Nest  
  30  2:39  Queen  
  33  2:45  Queen  
  33  2:50  Overlord  
  44  3:20  Lair  
  44  3:28  Extractor x2, Zergling x4  
  44  3:30  Overlord  
  44  3:36  Overlord  
  44  3:47  Baneling x2  
  54  4:02  Evolution Chamber  
  54  4:15  Extractor  
  54  4:16  Zergling x4  
  58  4:25  Spire  
  58  4:27  Zergling x4  
  59  4:33  Zergling x6  
  61  4:46  Zerg Melee Weapons Level 1  
  61  5:00  Hatchery  
  70  5:28  Baneling x4  
  69  5:45  Baneling x2  
  69  5:46  Mutalisk x7  
  81  5:58  Baneling x2  
  81  6:01  Mutalisk  
  82  6:26  Mutalisk x2  
  92  6:37  Queen  
  97  7:24  Zerg Flyer Weapons Level 1, Extractor x2  
  98  7:45  Zerg Melee Weapons Level 2  
  102  8:44  Infestation Pit  
  102  8:47  Centrifical Hooks  
  106  8:50  Hatchery  
  104  9:37  Spine Crawler x2  
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Why 2 more Queens and not a 3rd?

They will help you defend versus Ling Bane attacks and not having to defend a 3rd Base makes it much easier for us. We just have to stop the ling bane at the natural * Help I am being attacked what do I do?*

If it is Ling bane 2-3 Spines + Ling Bane Defense If it is Roaches a lot of Spines and defensive Banes and pray you can get mutas out :)

I am being Nydused. What do I do?

Positions Overlords so you can see where the worm is coming from. Then shut it down with Lings.

My opponent never stops flooding Ling bane

Just wall off and chill

I am being early Pooled and dying before my Natural is done.

Life is tough :(

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  • Created by: railgan      
  • Published on: Mar 08, 2020
  • Patch: 4.11.0
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Comments (5)

On Sept. 16, 2020, 6:36 a.m., Wima1988  said:

I take back my last comment!
This build is indeed viable for higher leagues!

I have not watched the video in the first place. In the video, he properly explains the important details which are completely missing here in the build order.
The part at @44 Drones is wrong. You should build links and be aggressive during the whole game and so on. This part was misleading as it says to build lings only starting from 44 drones, which obviously does not make much sense.

All good now ;)
!! Watch the video guys !!

On Sept. 16, 2020, 1:30 a.m., Wima1988  said:

This BO easily brings you from Bronze to early Diamond.
But beyond Diamond 3, you will loose basically every game with this BO.

Everyone sees that you are just relaxing and pumping drone without having many roaches or lings, so everyone with a bit of game knowledge immeadiately realizes that you go for a Muta all-in.

They always respond in the exact same way: Build a third, build a ton of spores, get some hydras out. Then the enemy is basically invincible to mutas and as they mostly have some roaches, also the lings do not care anymore at all. Then the muta palyer has to respond by also taking 1-2 more bases. But until those are done, the opponent has infestors and/or vipers and your mutas become mostly useless.


- I can recommend this for lower leagues
- I can NOT!!! recommend this for higher leagues as it is a too obvious all-in. I praticed this build a lot because I love mutas, but it simply does not work if your opponent at least scouts a bit.

On July 19, 2020, 5:30 a.m., KarlBuchta  said:

Sorry, I just missed the additional supply from Hatch... Im noob.

On July 19, 2020, 5:17 a.m., KarlBuchta  said:

An Overlord at 19 is missing, right?

On July 6, 2020, 6:48 p.m., LOLItsRyan  said:

* Help I am being attacked what do I do?*

^ Is the above supposed to be on a new line and in bold? Looks like you tried formatting but didn't quite work? Thought i'd point it out.

Thanks for your guides, I use the Roach opener in ZvT and ZvP and have climbed from 4.4k to 5.2k on EU. Insanely happy with the results and I've fallen in love with the controlling aggressive play style. Cheers :D

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