It should work against Protoss too. Main goal is to fake your oponnent into thinking that he is all inned to get that overreaction and not pushing with his army to your side so when swarm hosts hits they are still defending and cant move out easily.

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  17    Hatchery  
  18    Extractor  
  17    Spawning Pool  
    2:15  Metabolic Boost  
  29  2:35  Roach Warren  
  31    Overlord x2  
  34  3:15  Roach x6  Move out right away
    3:50  Hatchery  + 3th queen
    4:10  Ravager x2  Morf them on the other side and immediately attack with (2 ravagers 4 roaches 4 lings) lings can die, but dont loose any roach if you cant break just retreat and poke natural with ravagers and deny 3.
    4:45  Lair  + safety spores
    4:50  Extractor x5  
    5:00  Ravager  morf another ravager and send few new lings there so it looks like you are dedicated
    5:45  Glial Reconstitution, Infestation Pit  
    6:00  Nydus Network, Overlord x3  and save larvae
    6:20  Swarm Host x7  
    6:30  Hatchery  +4th queen
    6:45  Nydus Canal  first wave can hit around 7:05-7:10
    6:55  Evolution Chamber x2  + hydra den or another tech you want to transition
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf

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  • Created by: PlaZz
  • Published on: Jan 09, 2020
  • Modified on: Jan 09, 2020
  • Patch: 4.11.0

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