The goal of this build is to create an advantage by killing as many probes possible from two sides while you start your natural expansion and robotics facility. Classic uses this build on Disco Bloodbath LE in game 2 of his match against herO in the quarterfinals of the 2019 GSL Super Tournament 2 to make him surrender at 3:54 after killing 14 probes.


Build Order

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  14  0:18  Pylon  chronoboost nexus as pylon completes
  16  0:36  Gateway  
  17  0:46  Assimilator  16th probe rallied to geyser, 2/3 in gas @100%
  18  0:54  Assimilator  17th probe rallied to other geyser, 2/3 in gas @100%
  20  1:14  Gateway  send out probe for proxy pylon
  21  1:25  Cybernetics Core  1 more probe in gas
  22  1:36  Pylon  proxy pylon for stargate, 1 more probe in gas
  23  2:00  Stargate  stop probe production for a moment
  23  2:03  Adept x2  rally adepts toward enemy base
  27  2:07  Warp Gate  
  27  2:10  Probe  last probe
  28  2:18  Pylon  proxy probe dies to scout enemy base
  27  2:33  Stalker  stalker for base defense
  29  2:43  Oracle  chronoboost oracle @100% stargate
  32  3:04  Robotics Facility  
  32  3:20  Nexus  Oracle and adepts should be in enemy base now
  33  3:36  Pylon  
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At 3:20, you send adepts through the front and one oracle from the back simultaneously. Your goal is to destroy your opponent's economy, so it's okay if you lose all three units. Try to focus fire one set of probes with your oracle and a different set of probes with your adepts for maximum harassment. (Two adepts can one shot probes).

If your opponent doesn't surrender after this, hopefully you will have done enough economic damage to defeat him in a second attack with a chronoboosted immortal, warp prism, and superior economy. Worst case scenario you lose all three units without doing much damage, but you can still defend with a shield battery at your natural and build up your economy.

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  • Created by: Brave
  • Published on: Oct 05, 2019
  • Modified on: Oct 05, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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