This build is designed to take advantage of the current metagame. It starts with a Reaper expand and then proceeds to take a quick third.


Replay - Thunderbird LE (2)

Build Order

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  12  0:01  SCV  
  13  0:13  SCV  
  14  0:17  Supply Depot  
  14  0:25  SCV  
  15  0:39  SCV  
  15  0:41  Barracks  
  16  0:44  Refinery  
  16  0:51  SCV  
  17  1:03  SCV  
  18  1:15  SCV  
  19  1:28  Orbital Command  
  19  1:29  Reaper  
  20  1:44  Command Center  
  20  1:53  SCV  
  21  1:59  Supply Depot  
  21  2:01  Marine  
  22  2:09  Factory  
  22  2:13  SCV  
  23  2:22  Barracks Reactor  
  23  2:25  SCV  
  25  2:47  Command Center  
  26  2:53  Factory Tech Lab  
  26  2:59  Refinery  
  26  3:01  Orbital Command  
  26  3:07  Marine x2  
  29  3:15  Cyclone  
  32  3:25  Marine x2  
  36  3:38  Starport  
  37  3:43  Marine x2  
  41  3:57  Refinery, Factory Tech Lab  
  41  4:01  Orbital Command, Marine x2  
  47  4:18  Marine  
  52  4:32  Barracks x2  
  58  4:45  Refinery, Supply Depot  
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Recently, there is a metagame shift in the Terran mirror match up openings. The double Refinery Reaper expand with three Reapers and two Hellions build has cycled out of the metagame. Players tend to use more economical openings like a Reaper expand. I strongly recommend you to read this article to know more about the nuance and rationale behind this metagame shift.

If both players go for economical builds, one can get ahead by being even more economical. When you're using an economical opening, it is not realistic to react to opponent's economical opening by attacking. One way to get ahead is to "out-econ" your opponent. You can read more about the reasoning in this article.

This build is featured in the September issue of the Metagame Build Order series on TerranCraft.

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  • Created by: Maxilicious  
  • Published on: Sep 30, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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