1. The Aim of this build is to get the best setup into the nearly ideal Lategame composition of Protoss of Carrier,Voidray, Mothership, Archons and storm.

  2. We open with a normal stargate opening. The first unit we build out of the Stargate will be Voidray followed by 2-4 more Voidrays. With the leftover gas we will add a Twilight Council and a Templars Archives. Also we add gates up to 4.

  3. You take your 3rd base around 5 min when your 2nd is saturated. You should have 1 zealot, 3-5 adepts and 2-3 voids at that point. We are gonna take the gases at the 3rd early cause we will need alot of gas.Your voidrays will be constatly active on the map to scout, snipe overlords, roaches,queens,hatches, anything that isnt protected by 2 or more queens or a spore. Same is for your first 3 adepts. The first one will check the 3rd if its going up and shade into nat/main to check saturation (cancel the shade).

  4. When you have 3 adepts you can either combine them with the voidray and try a 2-prong assault and snipe some drones or just use the shades to constatly keep scouting. As soon as the twilight finishes we start charge and a templars archives. After the archives finishes we start storm and warpin 2-4 templar which will be saving energy. These are your lifeline vs early hydra pushes.

  5. Then while your 3rd is getting saturated we will add gates up to 8, a Second Stargate and a Fleet beacon. We then start carrier production and get air and shield upgrades. At roughly 8-9 min we want to take a 4th base.

  6. Just keep constantly getting carriers,templars and chargelots until we hit 200 supply (roughly 11min), then we will push across the map and fight the opposing zerg army. Your plan is to storm hydras,corruptors and infestors when they come near your army. If you can feedback Infestors or vipers that is also ideal. When we hit there wont be a maxed out perfect setup of spores+infestors very likely. If there are spores try to go around them and hit other locations. If you see no way in take a 5th base and continue on in the lategame and constantly send chargelots to their bases (with a prism) while you stay back and hold your bases and stop advancing spores and try to take more bases slowly. Also you want to take your chargelots and send them to expansions of the zerg when you move out to cause distraction and allow you time to isolate parts of his army or his spores.

Replay - A.I. 1 (Very Easy) v Tassad - Acropolis LE

Build Order

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  12  0:01  Probe  
  13  0:13  Probe  
  14  0:21  Pylon  
  14  0:25  Probe  
  15  0:37  Probe  
  16  0:45  Probe  
  16  0:46  Gateway  
  17  0:50  Assimilator  
  17  0:53  Probe  
  18  1:05  Probe  
  19  1:17  Probe  
  20  1:29  Probe  
  20  1:32  Nexus  
  21  1:41  Cybernetics Core  
  21  1:48  Pylon  
  21  1:55  Assimilator, Probe  
  21  1:58  Zealot  
  26  2:25  Stargate  
  26  2:31  Gateway  
  26  2:42  Adept  
  30  2:58  Warp Gate  
  32  3:01  Void Ray  
  41  3:33  Pylon  
  42  3:34  Assimilator x2  
  45  3:52  Void Ray  
  51  4:07  Twilight Council  
  54  4:25  Pylon  
  54  4:31  Gateway x2  
  54  4:33  Void Ray  
  54  4:39  Charge  
  59  4:48  Templar Archives  
  60  5:02  Nexus  
  60  5:06  Pylon  
  60  5:19  Psionic Storm  
  60  5:29  Fleet Beacon  
  60  5:39  Stargate  
  62  5:44  Void Ray  
  62  5:51  Forge  
  70  6:16  Protoss Air Weapons Level 1  
  70  6:17  Assimilator x2  
  70  6:18  High Templar  
  70  6:23  Carrier  
  83  6:47  High Templar  
  83  6:48  Zealot x2  
  83  6:53  Protoss Shields Level 1  
  90  7:01  Carrier  
  92  7:13  Photon Cannon  
  99  7:16  Zealot  
  103  7:25  Zealot x2  
  107  7:31  Carrier  
  116  7:54  Robotics Facility  
  116  8:03  Cybernetics Core  
  116  8:08  Carrier  
  122  8:18  Nexus  
  122  8:28  Assimilator  
  122  8:33  Assimilator  
  125  8:35  Carrier  
  125  8:39  High Templar x2  
  125  8:40  Observer  
  135  8:41  Protoss Air Weapons Level 2  
  140  8:57  Warp Prism  
  140  9:02  Photon Cannon x2  
  142  9:07  Carrier, Protoss Air Armor Level 1  
  151  9:33  Gateway x2  
  151  9:34  High Templar x3  
  151  9:36  Carrier  
  157  9:38  Gateway  
  157  9:39  Archon x2  
  157  9:47  Gateway x3  
  157  9:51  Protoss Shields Level 2  
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Notes to scouting and reactions: Vs an early pool just react with an wall-off, chrono the zealot, get a battery or if you wanna be save get a forge+cannon.

VS banelingbust/or alot of lings: Your first unit(s) out of the stargate should be oracles here and some adepts and get a battery and cannon at the 3rd base.

VS roach/ravager: Get a voidray(s) as fast as you can and build some batterys to keep your wall alive, micro vs biles.

VS roachpushes in the midgame: Keep your wall at your nat closed, pull all your probes from your 3rd base and let your army clean the roaches up ( get batterys and/or some cannons if you scout early that something like this is coming).

VS hydrapushes: Stay defensive and try to hit your storms well-they are your lifeline here cause your airunits are not in a critical mass yet

VS corruptor pushes/corruptors: Get voidrays and archons, only build a few (4-6) carriers.

VS Nydus/Swarmhost: Hunt the nydus/overlords and anything else on the map with your voidrays, get good vision in your bases and near your bases and stop them from getting up.

Vs Queen/ling/roach nydus: Make sure you have vision everywhere in your bases and rush voids out, they will kill the nydus pretty nicely if you see. Build some batterys and cannons at your bases, the zerg wont have much economy with this so dont panic if 1 nydus gets up and you lose a few probes. You can even abandon one of your 2 bases vs queen/ling nydus ( roughly 1 base economy for queen/ling and roughly 2 base for queen/roach).

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  • Created by: Tassad
  • Published on: Sep 02, 2019
  • Modified on: Sep 04, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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