Serrals straight to roaches economic 3 base build into a 6 minute +1 timing attack with Nydus at the front.

_The VOD link is actually a link to the full WCS Spring Challenger event where I got the replay from. _


Build Order

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  16  0:50  Hatchery  
  18  1:10  Extractor  
  17  1:15  Spawning Pool  
  21  2:02  Queen x2  
  28  2:23  Zergling x2  
  30  2:28  Hatchery  
  31  2:40  Queen  
  36  2:55  Roach Warren  Wall-in
  41  3:38  Roach x6  
  53  3:43  Evolution Chamber  wall-in
  55  3:57  Lair  
  55  4:00  Zerg Missile Weapons Level 1  
  55  4:06  Extractor x2  natural
  76  4:58  Glial Reconstitution  
  76  5:00  Extractor x2  3rd base
  76  5:05  Roach x11  Serral starts continously making roaches. At this point his 3 bases are fully saturated with 5 gasses. To do this, Serral scouts and makes roaches for defence depending on what his opponent has.
  100  5:39  Nydus Network  Serral uses his nydus this time to reinforce his push at the front very quickly.
  115  5:55  Action  Serral moves out just before +1 and roach speed is finishing and makes a nydus at the front as the network finishes.
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In this game, Serral opens very standard but deliberately ignores ling speed as he wants to go straight into roaches which personally I love. Around the 3 minute mark Serral makes his roach warren at the front and continues to macro up. _(During this time Serral will be scouting with lings to try and see both tech and how many units his opponent is making so he knows if he can drone or has to worry about defending a push)._

As soon as the Roach Warren finishes (3:38) Serral makes 6 Roaches for defence against Ling runbys so that he can more safely continue macroing. He then makes his evo chamber (3:43) also in his wall as it times out that his +1 will finish as he wants to push (5:55). However if you do feel more comfortable making your evo chamber at the same time as your roach warren for a safer wall-in then go for it.

Serral starts his lair and +1 and 2 extractors at around 4 minutes, continuing to macro till 5 minutes when he'll start roach speed and 2 more extractors on his 3rd base. _(He's going for a massive push at 6 minutes but also aims to tech beyond it if necessary so having 5 extractors allows him to make as many roaches as he wants while also having the gas count to tech into Hydras/ Lurkers etc)._

The Nydus network doesn't take very long to build so Serral leaves it till the last second (5:39) and then makes his first Nydus at the front as he pushes so that he can reinforce as efficiently as possible during his push. _

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  • Created by: ANTI   
  • Published on: Jun 04, 2019
  • Modified on: Jun 04, 2019
  • Patch: 4.7.1
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On Aug. 3, 2019, 5:02 p.m., Jaytrox  said:

So while i already dont like when BOs dont have their overlords in them, i tried to watch the VOD to see more details.

You linked a google drive page with 4 files and mentioned absoltutly NOWHERE which game this BO is being used in.

This BO might be good and i appreciate the effort into creating it, but please... at least tell us which game to check out...

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