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Dear's Oracle into gladept immortal all in

PvZ All-In by Gemini_19 

Still hate playing against Zerg? Hydra timings making you want to quit to play LoL? Not to worry, I've got another great all in build for you to try out instead of playing macro PvZ. I would do writeups on non stargate PvZ openers, however all of them suck so we're continuing with stargates. To show us this wonderfully crisp timing, Dear has used it to advance in his GSL group from last week.


PvZ 2 adept Proxy Oracle into Archon Charge

PvZ Timing Attack by PiG 

Lots of waves of aggression, oracle can be proxied for a more high risk, high reward version of the build, or built at home for a safer option (easier to defend all-ins with oracles/phoenix popping at home). You can macro pretty hard off the back of this but it's all about making sure you get some very nice tempo going with the adepts, the oracles and then the archon drop.


PiG (TvT 2 Reaper Hellion Expand)

TvT Economic by PiG 

Solid opening, very safe. If using 1-base 3:30 ebay for banshees Vs 2-base scout or scan by 4:30, for 4:30 ebay for banshees Just follow this for the start. You can go medivac double cyclone drop, or into viking and defensive cyclone vs banshees.


birdy´s - ZvP - 3 Base Roach Ravager Ling Allin

ZvP All-In by birdy

The Goal of this Build is to go for 3 Bases with 24 Drones on 1 Gas and than build 7 Roaches, 2 Ravagers when u arrive his natural Base and then only reinforce withspeedlings! EZ Win, EZ Life , EZ Game ;p hf gl on ladder!

Swarm Host

Railgan ZvT / ZvP - 2 Base Swarmhost Nydus

ZvT Timing Attack by railgan 

"The Swarmhost is an useless Unit", "After the Nerf why even build Swarmhosts", "2 Base Zerg isn't viable" ... these are all things I have been told and I am here to correct the World by showcasing my 2 Base Nydus Swarmhost Style.

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