Find the relevant section below in the pseudo-FAQ/contact page below. In general, you can contact us on twitter @spawningtool or via email at

I found a bug or have a feature request or can't figure out how to do something!

Email us at or tweet at @spawningtool. Hopefully we can square that up as soon as possible.

I want to contribute to Spawning Pool!

Awesome! Spawning Tool is intended to be a tool for the community, so I hope you find it useful. If you're interested in joining the team to contribute something more to the community, we're looking for:

In general, however, the site is entirely driven by community submissions, so you can help out just by using the site, such as:

If you have technical skills, there are a few levels you can help at:

I have a project that needs a lot of StarCraft data. Can I get access to that?

Definitely! Just contact us via email, and we can figure out how we can send over the data in a usable format for you. We can't give server or direct database access, but we can generate dumps or provide replays

Do I have to pay anything to use the Spawning Tool?

Currently: nope. Feel free to upload replays and poke around with the data however you like. If you're a tournament organizer and want to include the data in your casts, go for it. Let us know at if there's anything we can do to help out.