The Spawning Tool is a site for archiving and analyzing StarCraft 2 replays. Replays, uploaded from tournament replay packs and the community, are automatically labeled with various tags including matchups, players, maps, and other details. The build orders are extracted to be labeled both automatically and by the community, and all of this data is made available for browsing and analysis.

Spawning Tool started when Blizzard announced that they had added more information to replay files for analysis. Furthermore, they released the s2protocol library for basic parsing of the replay files. The first version of the Spawning Tool was written overnight after the Blizzard announcement, and the result was a semi-functional build order extractor coupled with a shoddy website. It was a poor, sleep deprivation-induced release, but it was exciting enough to continue work.

Today, the goal of the Spawning Tool is to learn more about StarCraft 2 with a lot of data. We want to make replay data easily available for players to find specific games or build orders for personal improvement. We also believe in the value of quantitative analysis and want to apply data science techniques to understanding the whole of StarCraft data in aggregate. Given how broad these goals are, we are under continuous development to provide new ways to interact with the replay data. You can read about recent developments on our blog, and we are always open to feedback.


Kevin Leung - StoicLoofah

A software engineer by day, Kevin works on Spawning Tool in the evenings primarily as a web developer but also in community outreach. He built the first version of Spawning Tool in April 2013 as a concept demo for the technology but has developed it to demonstrate the value of quantitative analysis and as a test ground for using machine learning. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and can be found at his personal website and on reddit as /u/StoicLoofah.

Dan Paskert - MorN

MorN is a Masters Terran that lives in Florida, USA. He attends Florida State University where he is studying Computer Science, which he is hoping will help him contribute to Spawning Tool even more. MorN handles public relations, advertisement, social media, and partnerships for Spawning Tool. He joined Spawning Tool In early 2015 hoping to give back to the scene and grow Spawning Tool as a whole. MorN streams at and can be contacted at, @MorN_sc or /u/MorN_sc.


We can definitely use the help if you're interested in contributing to Spawning Tool in any capacity (coding, content, etc.). Reach out to us about it!