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Railgan ZvP - Economical 12 Pool

ZvP Economic by railgan 

I took soO's 12/14 Opener from ZvZ and adjusted it to work in my ZvP :) We get Ling Speed to deal with Adepts and use the early lings to do make the Protoss feel unsafe. If Protoss does not scout feel free to make many additional Lings. Instead of gettings Queens I build additional Hatcheries and try to drone up as quickly as possible.

How to Shut Down Mech in ZvT - Dark vs Gumiho

ZvT Economic by PiG 

This is a very reactive game from Dark where with a solid reaction, good building placement and an easily defensible map he dismantles mech with roach-hydra-viper into broodlord.

Gumiho's Hyperflight Mech TvZ

TvZ Economic by PiG 

Standard Terran gas-first opening

herO's Oracle/phoenix into immortal void ray adept

PvP Timing Attack by Gemini_19 

I've been meaning to post a stargate PvP build for a while since I haven't been able to find a good one. Luckily for us herO did a pretty sweet one in GSL the other night vs sOs and had a nice immortal/void ray follow up to it. Stargate is a great way to also set the tempo in your favor in PvP since the standard is double gate passive blink/robo styles until disruptors are out.

TLO ZvP Zergling drop flood all-in

ZvP All-In by LiquidTLO 

This build order is strong on maps like Whirlwind and Vaani or any map with a wide droppable main surface area, strong against greedy twilight robo builds but weak against careful oracle openings.

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