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Alive's 1 tank POKE OF DOOM! TvP - PiG Daily #122

TvP Timing Attack by PiG 

This is a very fast pressure off what looks like a normal expand, but can spiral out of control very fast if Protoss doesn't defend perfectly. You hit at 4:20 with 8 marines, a medivac and a tank and immediately start building a bunker outside the Protoss natural. You bring another tank and rally marines across the map looking for big damage, but still have an expansion and go up to 3-rax behind..

Classic's Immortal drop 3 base immo sentry all in

PvZ All-In by Gemini_19 

It's time for immortal sentry all ins to come back! Robo openings have fallen to the way side mostly due to ravagers, however with the PvZ meta being mostly ling/bane focused it opens up some windows for timings like this one shown by Classic from GSL last week to abuse those greedy zergs.

Air Superiority Tank Pressure - The PiG Daily #119

TvT Timing Attack by PiG 

This is an aggressive opening that lets you take control of the tempo of earlygame TvT and navigate your way safely to the midgame. You’ll have reapers and cyclones early on for defence and potentially massive damage to an opponent, a raven and vikings out to defend banshees and a very powerful “air-superiority tank push” where you use your vikings and raven to control the skies

TLO ZvP Zergling drop flood all-in

ZvP All-In by LiquidTLO 

This build order is strong on maps like Whirlwind and Vaani or any map with a wide droppable main surface area, strong against greedy twilight robo builds but weak against careful oracle openings.

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