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One-Base Ravager All-in - ZvT - PiG Daily #126

ZvT All-In by PiG 

This is an all-in build order used a lot by pros since early January. We’ve seen a real evolution of zerg builds to take advantage of Terrans not scv scouting - mostly it’s just zerglings dodging reapers and slowing down command centres, but this build is a much simpler “I’m just gunna kill you” adaptation. If Terran doesn’t scout with an scv, it’s nearly impossible to hold.

Defending Archon Drops - PiG Daily #123

ZvP Economic by PiG 

How to scout it? Delayed robo (3:00) after twilight (2:25), then x3 gates Fast Mocore Only 1-2 gateway units until the DT warp-in

Classic's Immortal drop 3 base immo sentry all in

PvZ All-In by Gemini_19 

It's time for immortal sentry all ins to come back! Robo openings have fallen to the way side mostly due to ravagers, however with the PvZ meta being mostly ling/bane focused it opens up some windows for timings like this one shown by Classic from GSL last week to abuse those greedy zergs.

TLO ZvP Zergling drop flood all-in

ZvP All-In by LiquidTLO 

This build order is strong on maps like Whirlwind and Vaani or any map with a wide droppable main surface area, strong against greedy twilight robo builds but weak against careful oracle openings.

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