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Railgan ZvT - 3 Roach Opener into Corruptor

ZvT Timing Attack by railgan 

Terrans almost always open with a Reaper. By sending two Lings around the reaper we are able to do economic damage and get good scouting Information. It is very early on that the Terran decides what kind of opener he is going for.

Stats' Fast colossus double forge

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

The concept for this build is quite simple, but like many others it is surprisingly difficult to execute properly. It is a purely defensive build meant to swat away any attempted early pressure by providing all of the early tools necessary to do so. With this opening you will have everything at your disposal to easily propel into the mid game, but you need to use all those tools properly.

Jjakji's Aggressive TvT Build (Abyssal Reef)

TvT Timing Attack by getitdunn

Jjakji opens with early aggression while still maintaining good economy. He makes up for the delayed expand by moving his main command center to his 4th base after mine-out rather than building a new one. He was up against superb defense oriented play by Bunny who managed to maintain even play against this aggression - this build may have been more successful under other conditions

Defending Glaive Adept Pressure in ZvP

ZvP Timing Attack by PiG 

We’re going to see a game where Serral has to be especially tight since it’s paladino terminal - a tiny map where the adepts arrive super fast

Defending Oracle into Queen-Ling-Bane bust

ZvP Timing Attack by PiG 

Strong Opening defence and a powerful queen-ling-bane attack, though it doesn't work this game. First game I look at in my "defending Pressure in ZvP Daily"

TLO ZvP Zergling drop flood all-in

ZvP All-In by LiquidTLO 

This build order is strong on maps like Whirlwind and Vaani or any map with a wide droppable main surface area, strong against greedy twilight robo builds but weak against careful oracle openings.

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