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Railgan ZvZ - 3 Roach into Mutalisk Cheese

ZvZ Cheese by railgan 

The 3 Roach Opener is primarily known as a ZvT Build. However, it originated in the ZvZ Matchup and works best on Maps with an inbase Expansion such as Acolyte. The Goal is to Block the Ramp with 3 Roaches, Tech for a quick Lair into Mutalisk, make the opponent panic and finish him off with a quick 2.5 Base Roach Push.

Neeb's Nexus First 2 Oracle/gladept pressure

PvZ Economic by Gemini_19 

You guys have been asking for it for a while and I was meaning to do it the entire time as well: Time for the 2 oracle/adept build. Neeb showed just how versatile this build can be and how strong it is to allow you to set up for the mid game while still applying pressure that isn't an archon drop.

ZvZ - Aggression is the Key - Stage 1 - Ling-Bane

ZvZ Timing Attack by PiG 

ling-bane all-in. Just nonstop rally those zerglings from 33 supply and make as many banes as you can and hit relentless waves of aggression - no transition.

PartinG's NexusFirst 8-Gate Blink-Stalker

PvP Timing Attack by NeoBlade

This BO (Build Order) is probably not viable in Master/GM anymore, because the MetaGame shifted in the last few month. But players from Bronze to Diamond should take a look at this.

Proxy 2-rax Reaper Heavy Pressure Opening

TvT Timing Attack by PiG 

This build is fantastic for countering fast expand openings, useful in a meta where there's lots of gas-rax-CC-Factory builds as you can do crucial damage before any cyclone or hellion emerges. It struggles to stay on par with one-base 2-gas builds, though with good control you can often still transition quite well.

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