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Railgan ZvZ - 3 Hatch Ling Bane into Roach Opener

ZvZ Economic by railgan 

ZvZ has the hardest early game off any Matchups for Zerg. Dealing with constant Baneling Aggression, scouting for 2 Base Cheese and trying to not lose all your Drones or 3rd to quick Attacks is difficult. This Build tries to slowly take a 3rd and then Transition into either Roaches or Mutas!

Stats' 3gate robo pressure

PvP Timing Attack by Gemini_19 

To anyone who wanted a super standard blink/robo opening that goes into a 3rd base and chargelot/immortal/archon then this build is not for you. I'm really not a fan of this boring passive meta right now so I've been doing some other builds instead, including this one. This build has been giving me tons of success on ladder and it's very fun to execute.

Kitchen Sink TvP - Daily #57

TvP All-In by PiG 

Sick build invented by Kelazhur

PVZ QUAD Archon Drop into Double Forge - No Storm

PvZ Economic by PiG 

This is a sick build and my go to PvZ after getting sick of getting distracted by counters/drops and losing my HT to random banelings. Now I just get a sick well upgraded deathball of archon/immortal. The combo of +2 armour and guardian shield means hydras do way less damage. Big focus on your 2-2 chargelot counters trading very well too.

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