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Railgan ZvP - 19 Drone Allin - Ling Roach Ravager

ZvP All-In by railgan 

The build aims to get 8 Roaches out as quickly as possible and morphing one of them into a Ravager. The remaining gas always gets put into more gas and at home a constant ling flood is made to just over power and kill the Protoss.

Railgan ZvT - Queen Ling Bane Drop Allin

ZvT Cheese by railgan 

This is an allin with the goal of beating Factory Openers. It works versus every kind of factory opener, whether it's into 3 cc, 2 factory, or starport.

2-1-1 T Opening for all MU + Medivac Bio Micro

TvX Economic by PiG 

If you want to challenge yourself a bit more as a beginner, or just for any gold+ players that want a great opening you can use in every matchup with just a few small adjustments here and there. It can work right through to GM in all 3 matchups. It requires you to be a little tighter with your order to get the most out of the opening.

Beginner Protoss Opening - The PiG Daily #155

PvX Economic by PiG 

This is just a very safe and solid opening for beginner Protoss to use in all 3 matchups. It’s just a guide that you can use consistently for the first few minutes of every game. You can branch off into any style you want off this opening.

PiG (Beginner Terran Opening #153)

TvX Economic by PiG 

Today I’ll show you a strong opening for Terrans to use in all 3 matchups. It allows you to build economy and expand quickly. You can use this consistently for the first few minutes of every game to give you a consistent start to practice. You can branch off into any bio style from this. For you mech lovers, stay tuned I’ll get a beginner mech opening out to you soon.

Stats PvZ - Adept Build (Proxima Station)

PvZ Timing Attack by Bones

Attack strategy (For Proxima Station): Main army (8 Adepts) Shade adepts into front 3rd to distract for... Warp-in #1 (8 Adepts + drop units) warp into main, shade to back base, shade to front 3rd next Warp-in #2 (8 Adepts) warp into main, shade to wherever if necessary Warp-in #3 (8 Adepts) warp into main, dance

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ByuN v Stats: Game 4 - Abyssal Reef LE


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