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Classic's Disruptor drop into colossus

PvT Economic by Gemini_19 

I've been doing a disruptor drop build that I made myself for a while now, but I never wanted to share it because I felt like being selfish. Luckily for you all, Classic did a disruptor drop build in GSL recently that opens up almost identical to the one I made so I feel validated enough to write a guide on it now. This one goes into colossus after 1 disruptor for the drop

Railgan ZvT - Ling Bane Hydra - 3 Hatch Opener

ZvT Economic by railgan 

Ling Bane Muta is a very hard composition to play. The recent Thor buffs definitly don't make it any easier. By removing the Mutalisks and adding Hydralisks to the composition we are able to play a much more controlled game.

ZvZ - Aggression is the Key - Stage 1 - Ling-Bane

ZvZ Timing Attack by PiG 

ling-bane all-in. Just nonstop rally those zerglings from 33 supply and make as many banes as you can and hit relentless waves of aggression - no transition.

PartinG's NexusFirst 8-Gate Blink-Stalker

PvP Timing Attack by NeoBlade

This BO (Build Order) is probably not viable in Master/GM anymore, because the MetaGame shifted in the last few month. But players from Bronze to Diamond should take a look at this.

Proxy 2-rax Reaper Heavy Pressure Opening

TvT Timing Attack by PiG 

This build is fantastic for countering fast expand openings, useful in a meta where there's lots of gas-rax-CC-Factory builds as you can do crucial damage before any cyclone or hellion emerges. It struggles to stay on par with one-base 2-gas builds, though with good control you can often still transition quite well.

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