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Neeb's 2 gate fast Nexus into 6 gate blink sentry

PvP All-In by Gemini_19 

I saw Neeb do this build vs MCanning on stream last week and thought it was pretty neat. I haven't done any PvP all ins so I thought I'd put this one out there for people to toy around with on ladder to spice things up a bit. It probably isn't the most reliable all in but can be good to use every now and then or in BoX series, especially vs people who don't scout or aren't known to be aggressive.

Namshar's Solid ZvP Opening - PiG Daily #167

ZvP Economic by PiG 

Railgan ZvZ - Roach Ling Bane Allin - 3 Hatch

ZvZ All-In by railgan 

This Build abuses the ZvZ Meta. Most Players like to go for a fast Lair and +1 Missile Upgrade after their 3rd to strengthen their midgame Roach Push. We counter that by investing the resources that our opponent spends on Tech and Drones instead on Roaches Lings and Banelings.

2-1-1 T Opening for all MU + Medivac Bio Micro

TvX Economic by PiG 

If you want to challenge yourself a bit more as a beginner, or just for any gold+ players that want a great opening you can use in every matchup with just a few small adjustments here and there. It can work right through to GM in all 3 matchups. It requires you to be a little tighter with your order to get the most out of the opening.

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ByuN v Stats: Game 4 - Abyssal Reef LE


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