VOD - 29:40

sOs opens very conservatively with a gate expand, into double forge, harassing with prism and adepts, going up to 22 quickly and pushing with colossi.


Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  16    Gateway  
  19    Nexus  
  20    Cybernetics Core  
  20    Assimilator x2  
  23    Adept  
  26    Warp Gate  
  30    Robotics Facility  
  30    Twilight Council, Adept x2  
  38    Adept  
  43    Assimilator x2  
  43    Observer x2  
  50    Resonating Glaives, Mothership Core  
  50    Forge  
  50    Forge  
  53    Gateway x3  
  53    Warp Prism  
  55    Protoss Ground Weapons Level 1  
  55    Protoss Ground Armor Level 1  
  58    Robotics Bay  
  58    Gateway x4  
  59    Sentry  
  61    Immortal  
  65    Adept x6  In the main
  77    Colossus  
      Protoss Ground Armor Level 2  
      Protoss Ground Weapons Level 2  
      Extended Thermal Lance  Continue making colossi etc, push with 22 upgrades
      Colossus  Go into further tech (storm, tempest, carrier, archons) etc


VOD - 29:40

In this match, sOs opens surprisingly standard with a gate expand into robo and twilight council. He gets the robo before the twilight for safety so he can get out observers and an immortal for defence. Whereas if he wanted to harass very quickly he would get the twilight first for glaives etc. He gets double forge quickly and starts 11 immediately after aswell as a robo bay as he plans to get 22 upgrades/ colossi asap for his push later on. As the robo bay finishes, he flies 4 adepts into the natural, and then makes 6 adepts in the main for scv harass, while also starting colossi and then 22 upgrades. He chose the perfect moment to do this as his observer can see Innovation walking across the map with nothing in his own base to defend the harass. As he scouts Inno's push, he can then prepare at home for what is to come and then expertly deflects it while dealing damage with the adept harass. Shortly after, with 22 upgrades, 2 colossi and a bunch of gateway units, sOs moves across the map and forces Innovation to try a base trade as he simply cannot win against sOs's army.

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