This is not a build order. This is only a drill. The idea of this drill is to equal or exceed what I have (the benchmarks) by the 5 minute mark. It is in essence a simplified rule of one gas with 20 lings thrown in just as general army. Assuming standard amounts of harassment and a macro build order from your opponent, you need to be capable of hitting these benchmarks every game.

If vs a 1-1-1 hellion opener compared to a 2-1-1 the amount of lings will change so therefore I cannot consider this absolute or put it in the build order category. It is simply something to help practice. In a live game you would still need to scout and respond to what your opponent is doing which may or may not alter the build order.

Replay - 5 Minute Drill

Build Order

Why is there no SALT encoding or Overwolf build?

  12  0:00  Drone  
  13  0:12  Overlord  
  13  0:16  Drone  
  14  0:30  Drone x3  
  17  0:51  Hatchery  
  17  0:54  Drone x2  
  18  1:09  Extractor  
  17  1:13  Spawning Pool  
  17  1:15  Drone x2  
  18  1:28  Drone  Pull 2 drones off gas when youre at 56 gas and send them to mine and natural.
  21  2:01  Zergling x4  
  21  2:02  Queen x2  
  27  2:13  Hatchery  
  26  2:18  Overlord  
  28  2:36  Metabolic Boost  
  31  2:44  Queen  
  31  2:49  Overlord  
  36  3:04  Overlord  
  40  3:20  Overlord  
  40  3:24  Queen  2 drones back on gas at 3:30
  46  3:37  Queen  
  46  3:40  Baneling Nest  
  59  4:03  Queen  
  65  4:30  Evolution Chamber x2  
  66  4:32  Zergling x10  
  70  4:39  Zergling x6  
      Action  Pull 2 drones off gas when youre at 56 gas and send them to mine and natural.
Spawning Tool Build Advisor. Get it on Overwolf



The benchmarks are as follows:

5 Minutes- 1. 50 drones 2. 6 queens 3. 20 lings 4. lair on the way 5. 2 evos 6. bane nest 7. you should also have 3 hatches and ling speed.

This is a simplified qlash opener to a degree. Do not forget to pull 2 drones off gas at 56 gas and put back on gas at 330. This is very important. Keep in mind these benchmarks can be exceeded and this drill will not be ideal to use as a build order in the sense that you will use the rule of one gas and scout and respond to what you see. This can and will apply to ZvT and ZvP. ZvZ is an entirely different monster.

This will be hard to do if you're lower level and will take practice. You can watch the replay and mimic what I do.

Use the embot mod to overlay the build order and restart the map without leaving to grind it out.

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  • Created by: IIEleven11
  • Published on: Jun 02, 2023
  • Modified on: Jul 04, 2023
  • Patch: 4.11.0
  • Difficulty: Hard

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